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Dancing has been a significant part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a professional dancer, I cannot separate myself from being on stage and as a photographer I am always behind the camera. My desire to combine my passions for both dance and photography is the basis of my recent photographic project.


Atlanta is a large modern city and while driving through this environment, I have observed several locations that resembled a proscenium stage particularly in how they were lit at night. These “stages” were empty urban spaces that posed an opportunity for an impromptu dance performance. I was captivated by the architectural elements of these non-traditional performance spaces, which encompassed visual characteristics of an illuminated stage so I created Night Moves.  A photography project that involves transforming spaces into stages by filling them with dancers and posing them as if in a performance and then photographing the results.


 My “stages” range from apartment buildings, office parks and bus stops in Atlanta, GA, to bridges and sidewalks in Paris and in the South of France. My recent study abroad and subsequent travel has expanded my ideas for the possibilities of this project.

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